'The Telephone' by Menotti and 'Cycle' by Norland 2013


....An excellent evening combining comic opera and new writing...

...[It] gets off to a flying start with the sublime singing of Paloma Horlor [nee Bruce]...

...Warren appears as new father Stuart in Cycle - a man who is irresistibly drawn to sexy young women - in this case the luscious Paloma again in an acting role as Julia...

Opera Lyrica's 'Il Barbiere di Siviglia' (The Barber of Seville) by Rossini May 2013

REVIEW: Il Barbiere di Siviglia @ St. Peter's College (Sophia Lambton -

Novel in its usage of the commedia dell’arte staging, recently formed company Opera Lyrica’s take on Il Barbiere di Siviglia was one which would have pleased Rossini with its concept...

...The two vocal jewels of the evening were Bragi Jónsson as Don Basilio and Paloma Bruce as Berta

... Paloma Bruce’s soprano was especially impressive in Berta’s aria, “Il vecchiotto cerca mogile”, which was sung not only with spontaneity and pizzazz on the young soprano’s part, but also with a wonderful spin on the piece’s coloratura and a beaming, shining, flexible instrument that gave the impression of having few technical limits.

...Overall this was an extremely well thought out production with lavishly handsome costumes designed and made by Elena Marteau and Kasia Katner; a concept that made more use of its limited financial endowments than many huge opera houses make of their large ones. It caught the spirit of Rossini’s opera not only in terms of its incidents and personages, but also in terms of its background and place in the development of opera as an art form.

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REVIEW: Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Delia Lockey -

...Paloma Bruce gave a wonderful performance as Berta, whose lovelorn lament both moved and amused.

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Opera Anywhere's 'The Mikado' by Gilbert & Sullivan 2012-13

REVIEW: The Mikado: Opera Anywhere, Blackwell's Bookshop Four Stars (Nicola Lisle - The Oxford Times)

Opera Anywhere is a company that could stage the telephone directory and make a decent fist of it, and this production of The Mikado, set against the unlikeliest of backdrops, is possibly one of their greatest triumphs...The novelty of seeing these assorted characters from the town of Titipu strutting their stuff among the bookshelves - and at one point, scarily, on top of some bookshelves - was both charming and captivating. It was a bit like opening a magic box and watching the characters come gradually to life, before putting them all away again and closing the lid.

Among an exceptionally strong cast it seems unfair to single anyone out, but I particularly loved Fred Broom’s jolly Mikado and Matthew Kellett’s strongly-sung, suitably sneering Pooh-Bah. Paloma Bruce, Sian Millett and Nikki Bagshaw made a sprightly trio of little maids, while Nia Williams and Nick Planas did sterling work as the ‘orchestra’.

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REVIEW: Gert Lush Choir, Mikado at Colston Hall. 9/10 (Peter Taberner)

Gilbert's witty lyrics and Sullivan's delightfully tuneful music combine to make for an enjoyable experience for performers and audiences alike.

...With the simple use of wigs and fans, this concert staging had all the atmosphere you would expect in the theatre. The three little maids from school tripped onto the stage with authentic shrill girlish giggles whilst the man-hungry Katisha in her fright wig was the elderly ugly sister.

...It all turns out happily in the end – nobody dies – the wand'ring minstrel Nanki-Poo marries Yum-Yum and Katisha gets Ko-Ko. This was a show worthy of filling the Colston Hall – which it did!

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The Mikado: Rooftop Amphitheatre at the Said Business School, Oxford

"Opera Anywhere is worth seeing anywhere, so make it a date in your diary!"

A review by Nicholas Newman

Last Sunday afternoon (9 September, 2012), Opera Anywhere brought its 2012 production of Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera to Oxford. Despite the unusual summer heat, and the small team of players, the performance was excellent. The atmosphere was like a good garden party, I was amazed how the performers managed to gamble across the stage and amongst the audience seated in the Greek style open air amphitheatre, atop the Said Business School.

...Amazingly, despite a virtual lack of complex scene furniture, Opera Anywhere managed to encourage us to easily believe we were in mediaeval Japan, rather than atop one of Oxford's newest buildings. What is very clear from talking to various members of the audience at the end, that everyone had very enjoyable and entertaining summer afternoon out. I can't wait to see Opera Anywhere’s next new productions. Opera Anywhere is worth seeing anywhere, so make it a date in your diary!

The Mikado

Nicola Lisle, Oxford Times June, 2012

It’s not often you get to see The Mikado accompanied by the occasional splashing of ducks, or with Ko-Ko making his first appearance in a punt. But this is all part of the charm of the Sunningwell Festival — a kind of mini Henley Festival set around a village pond instead of the Thames — and on Saturday this ten-day arts jamboree came to a rousing close with Opera Anywhere’s Jubilee-themed production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular operetta"

The BikeShed Theatre's 'The Magic Flute' by Mozart - 2010:

The Magic Flute ****

"Daring, different and immensely entertaining."

by Arthur Duncan for remotegoat on 12/10/10

"Paloma Bruce, as the Queen, startles one's ears with her exquisitely controlled, coloratura singing, resounding superbly in this acoustic. She is well-suited to her role by her powerful presence. Imperious, beneath a mountainous white beehive wig, Ms Bruce belies a petite figure to confidently command the stage with regal grace and relaxed elegance."