Pupil Resources


Basic music theory for beginners or those wanting to brush up their knowledge and fill any gaps :-)

Just be aware that it uses American terminology for note lengths: whole notes=semibreves, half notes=minims, quarter notes=crotchets, eighth notes=quavers, sixteenth notes=semiquavers. (If you're a music professional it's good to know both names anyway).

The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive

A must-use site for all classical singers - has texts and translations to Lieder, mélodies, art songs, choral pieces, and other vocal music.

Thetamusic Music Training Games

Brilliant website with free ear-training games to improve your musicianship.


Free ear-training exercises - practice identifying chords etc. A simple and fast system that you can fit in anytime.


A fascinating website for singers of all genres - has videos of the vocal chords in action and videos/photos/information of vocal injuries and disorders.


Absolutely fantastic website with free downloads of mp3 singing exercise piano accompaniments for all voice types. And finally at a good speed! Enjoy :)


This page has links to practice aural tests for grades 1-5 but useful for any singers regardless whether you are taking exams or not.


Musical apps particularly for beginners and children to learn music. Including the fabulous Blob chorus ear training!