Singing Lessons

I believe everyone should feel free to express themselves with their voice

whether they be a beginner or a seasoned professional.

I am passionate about helping people to find their voice and enjoy singing, whether they are absolute beginners or experienced/professional singers. Singing can sadly be a traumatic experience for some or a self-judgemental experience - believe me that we can all find joy in singing, even if we lost it for a while, it is always possible to find it again and be delighted at what you can accomplish. There is so much beautiful music in the world we can enjoy singing!


I teach vocal technique based on the Italian-Swedish school which is adjusted to suit each singer's style of music. I have studied with a variety of teachers and have experienced different techniques and methods of teaching so I bring that all to the table. My ethos is to share my knowledge in a way that will help the singer for the rest of their life not just right now. I focus on teaching singers to become masters of their own voices and vocal development. I teach singers to feel and learn to control what they are doing technically and physically, rather than just imitating what they hear, so that they can learn to develop a strong and reliable technique that they trust and enjoy.


I am a classically trained opera singer who helps singers to sing well whatever genre of music they love.

My pupils sing opera/classical music, musical theatre, choral music, folk music, jazz, their own songwriting, indie music, pop and rock.


- Baby Grand Piano (currently Yamaha digital piano as my piano is being moved)

- Roland Edirol Voice Recorder (to record your lesson via your SD card)

- Music Stand

- Shure microphone with mic stand

- Roland MobileCube with electric guitar cable

- UE Boom with audio cable/bluetooth for MP3 backing tracks

- IPad with Apple Music & YouTube access

- Subscription to access to sheet music of thousands of songs through Hal Leonard.

- Acoustic Guitar available for use (please arrive 5mins early to tune before your lesson).

- Printer/photocopier


45 minutes - $65

1 hour - $80

90 minutes - $115

Student rates (with current ID)

30 minutes - $40

45 minutes - $60

1 hour - $75

NB: I can teach half hour lessons to adults on request ($40), I usually recommend 45 minute lessons for Adult beginners.


Paloma loves sharing her love of singing and particularly helping adults who have been told that they can't sing to discover their voices. There are few people in the world that can't sing, most people just need to learn how! Having a lesson is the first step and pupils usually find it a joyful relief to have their questions answered in the first lesson. The more questions the better! Join all those people in the world who sing regularly and have fun doing it.


Paloma has coached many professional singers including opera singers and professional recording artists. Paloma helps singers to prepare for auditions and her pupils have successfully auditioned for music conservatoires/universities including the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (UK), Massey University's Jazz School and the Wales International Academy of Voice. Paloma has taught graduates from the Royal College of Music in London, Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, NZ School of Music and Canterbury University. Singers who have studied with Paloma perform with NZ Opera, the Orpheus Choir of Wellington and have performed at the Glastonbury Festival (UK). Paloma has coached/assisted singers during recording sessions and assisted professional actors filming on location.


Paloma usually teaches singers over the age of 15 years old. She is however happy to see singers from 10 years old for a consultation if they are very motivated or already performing. It is important for young singers to be using healthy technique when singing as well as speaking. If singers are too young for regular tuition, it can be helpful to have an occasional check-up to make sure that they are using healthy breathing and singing technique.


Paloma is passionate about helping singers that have technical problems or who have hit a plateau in their development as a singer. Paloma is very successful in helping people who can't sing in tune, as well as helping experienced singers to use their voice with less tension and more control. Common problems that Paloma helps singers with include: tongue and jaw tension, confusion over correct posture while singing, confusion over different breathing techniques, problems with clarity of diction, lack of resonance and voice projection. Paloma has helped amateur and professional/experienced singers to recover from vocal nodules and polyps.